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Fordham Law Review, Volume 85, Issue 1 — A Chapter on White Collar Crime

On September 23, 2016, Fordham Law Review published a special edition, Volume 85, Issue 1, in connection with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit’s 125th Anniversary. In honor of the celebration, Morvillo Abramowitz partner Robert J. Anello and associate Miriam L. Glaser contributed a chapter on white collar crime. Their article addresses six different areas of white collar law and procedure, which showcase the Second Circuit’s role as the nation’s compass in white collar criminal matters.

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2015 | Books & Journals

Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts — Chapter on White Collar Crime

Partner Robert J. Anello recently authored  “White Collar Crime,” a chapter in the highly regarded treatise Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts, Fourth Edition. The treatise is a joint venture of Thomson Reuters and the New York County Lawyers’ Association and features the work of experts authors, including some of the best commercial litigators in New York.

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2014 | Books & Journals

White Collar Crime: Business and Regulatory Offenses

Law Journal Press 2014

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2011 | Books & Journals

Civil Practice in the Southern District of New York, 2d. Ed.

West Thomson Reuters 2011

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2009 | Books & Journals

Knight's Saga: A Court Rejects the SEC's Theory of “Best Execution”

The Review of Securities & Commodities Regulation 2009

Securities traders are obligated to provide “best execution” to their customers. Knight Securities, a public market making firm, settled charges with the SEC alleging a scheme to overcharge its customers on large securities trades. In SEC v. Pasternak and Leighton, the SEC charged two former executives of Knight with overseeing a scheme to overcharge customers and make excessive profits on numerous institutional orders to buy and sell large blocks of stock, thereby failing to provide best execution. In a recent opinion, the district court rejected the SEC’s charges, holding that the SEC had failed to formulate a viable legal theory, much less prove a violation of the securities laws. The ruling not only clarifies issues surrounding “best execution”; it also underscores the difficulty that companies have, in the present environment, of challenging government claims of wrongdoing.

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2009 | Books & Journals

Regulatory Investigations and the Credit Crisis: The Search for Villains

46 Am. Crim. L. Rev. 225

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2008 | Books & Journals

Rethinking the Narrative on Judicial Deference in Student Speech Cases

83 N.Y.U. L. Rev. 1282

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2008 | Books & Journals

Preserving the Corporate Attorney-Client Privilege: Here and Abroad

27 Penn State International Law Review, Vol. 27, 291 2008

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2008 | Books & Journals

Hybrid Class Actions, Dual Certification, and Wage Law Enforcement in the Federal Courts

29 Berkeley J. Empl. & Lab. L. 269

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2007 | Books & Journals

Federal Corporate Sentencing: Compliance and Mitigation, Rev. Ed.

Law Journal Seminars Press 2007

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Fall 2004 | Books & Journals

They Were Shocked, Shocked: The ‘Discovery’ of Analyst Conflicts on Wall Street

70 Brooklyn L. Rev. 98, Fall 2004

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July 2004 | Books & Journals

Department of Justice Charging, Plea-Bargaining and Sentencing Policies Under Attorneys General Thornburgh, Reno and Ashcroft

Report of the Federal Bar Council Committee on Second Circuit Courts, July 2004

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2004 | Books & Journals

Sarbanes-Oxley’s Wake Up Call to Attorneys

22 Penn State International Law Review, Vol. 4, 545 2004

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2001 | Books & Journals

Justice Under Attack: The Federal Government’s Assault on the Attorney-Client Privilege

1 Cardozo Public Law, Policy and Ethics Journal, Vol. 1, 203 2001

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