Morvillo Abramowitz Partner Brian A. Jacobs and Associate Nicole L. Buseman featured in Practical Law The Journal

August 15, 2019

Morvillo Abramowitz partner Brian A. Jacobs and associate Nicole L. Buseman published an article entitled, "Evaluating Whether to Cooperate in a Federal White Collar Criminal Investigation," in Practical Law The Journal. Please find an excerpt below.

The government relies heavily on the cooperation of individuals and entities in federal white collar criminal investigations. Cooperating witnesses can identify key evidence and witnesses, and can help breathe life into otherwise document-heavy cases. Before recommending that a client cooperate in a white collar criminal investigation, counsel must have an early and detailed discussion with the client about the potential benefits, risks, duties, and unknowns that go along with cooperation.

To read the full article, please click the PDF under Resources.

Evaluating Whether to Cooperate in a Federal White Collar Criminal Investigation (pdf | 438.98 KB)