Robert J. Anello Honored by the New York County Lawyers’ Association and Thomson West

November 15, 2010

Morvillo Abramowitz Partner Robert J. Anello was among a group of distinguished authors who were honored on November 15, 2010 by the New York County Lawyers’ Association and Thomson West for their contributions to the recently published Third Edition of Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts. Mr. Anello authored a chapter on White Collar Crime, which is a new addition to the six-volume treatise. Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts is widely recognized as a leading resource on procedural and substantive legal issues in New York commercial litigation. In a review of the treatise published in the New York Law Journal on November 22, 2010, Thomas E. Mercure wrote:

"Given that parallel civil and criminal proceedings in business matters are increasingly common, the chapter on white collar crime and on the interplay between commercial litigation and criminal proceedings are particularly valuable. Both chapters are strategically focused, providing practical advice on the issues such as immunity, privileged materials, protective orders and the interplay between civil damages and criminal restitution."

In his chapter, “White Collar Crimes in the New York State System,” Mr. Anello provides an overview of New York criminal statutes and case law relied upon in the prosecution of crimes related to commercial litigation, the investigative bodies which prosecute such white collar crime, the criminal trial process in New York State, and how New York’s system differs from the federal system.

Additional information about the treatise can be found here.