The Pandora Papers Shed New Light On The U.S. As A Tax Haven

October 12, 2021  |  The Insider: White Collar Defense and Securities Enforcement

Last week, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists published the leaked cache of financial documents known as the “Pandora Papers,” consisting of more than 11.9 million confidential files from fourteen offshore services firms located in numerous countries. Publication of these files augments the existing trove of similarly sensational material revealed in prior leaks, including the Panama Papers, published in April 2016, and the Paradise Papers, published in November 2017, which detailed trillions of dollars of funds held “offshore” by taxpayers around the world. More so than in prior leaks, the United States plays a prominent role in the Pandora Papers—not just as a source of the immense wealth held offshore, or of the professional expertise facilitating such arrangements, but as an offshore destination in its own right.

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