White-Collar Criminal Enforcement and National Security

November 8, 2023  |  New York Law Journal

White-collar criminal practitioners have seen waves of enforcement come (and go) in recent years, including cases brought by DOJ under the FCPA and, before that, cases stemming from the Great Financial Crisis.  We have now entered a new phase of white-collar criminal enforcement, according to senior DOJ officials, one focusing on national security-related crimes, such as economic sanctions and export control violations.  In their latest article for the NYLJ, “White-Collar Criminal Enforcement and National Security,” Morvillo Abramowitz partners Elkan Abramowitz and Jonathan Sack discuss DOJ’s latest enforcement initiative, the cases cited as representative of this initiative, and the importance of DOJ’s new Mergers and Acquisitions Safe Harbor Policy.  This Safe Harbor policy complements and reinforces DOJ’s existing corporate leniency program. 

White-Collar Criminal Enforcement and National Security (pdf | 156.58 KB)