Partners Karen R. King and Thomas A. McKay Publish Chapter in Global Investigations Review: The Practitioner’s Guide to Global Investigations

January 23, 2024  |  Global Investigations Review

Morvillo Abramowitz partners Karen R. King and Thomas A. McKay published a chapter entitled “Individual Penalties Third-Party Rights: The US Perspective” in the Global Investigations Review treatise The Practitioner’s Guide to Global Investigations.   

In the United States, individuals may find themselves the target or subject of investigations by a variety of federal or state regulators and law enforcement entities. Countless federal, state and local agencies have investigative authority or the power to prosecute violations of laws and regulations through criminal charges, civil litigation, enforcement proceedings or regulatory action. These government enforcers frequently pursue parallel prosecutions or proceedings – concurrent criminal and civil cases or investigations against the same person or entity – for conduct arising out of the same facts. These parallel matters may or may not be coordinated.

In their chapter, Karen and Tom introduce the various investigative actors and provide an overview of prosecutorial discretion, how that discretion may focus on individual accountability, and the ability of the investigative actors to share information and participate in simultaneous investigations of individuals. The chapter also discusses the sources of penalties that individuals can face.

To read this chapter, click here.

This article was first published on Global Investigations Review in January 2024; for further in-depth analysis, please visit GIR The Practitioner’s Guide to Global Investigations - Edition 8.