When is a Campaign Contribution a Bribe?

May 5, 2024  |  New York Law Journal

Campaign contributions commonly reflect genuine support for elected politicians, but they can also sometimes cross a line and become a bribe--an illegal quid pro quo agreement for political favors.  What should the test of bribery be for campaign contributions?  In their latest article for the NYLJ, “When is a Campaign Contribution a Bribe?” Morvillo Abramowitz Grand Iason & Anello partners Elkan Abramowitz and Jonathan S. Sack analyze the Second Circuit’s recent decision in United States v. Benjamin, 95 F.4th 60 (2d Cir. 2024), which reinstated bribery charges against former New York State Lieutenant Governor, Brian Benjamin.  They explore whether the Second Circuit has clarified the operative test or rather left us with more questions to answer. 

When is a Campaign Contribution a Bribe? (pdf | 196.50 KB)