Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

We frequently litigate cases before domestic and international arbitration panels and assist our clients with mediation and other alternative dispute resolution procedures. For many disputes, businesses find alternative methods of resolution increasingly attractive, as these approaches can be less time-consuming, more cost-effective, and less adversarial than traditional litigation. We bring our deep trial experience to any forum in which we litigate to achieve successful results for our clients. We have also been consulted on the drafting of arbitration clauses, choice of forum, arbitral panel selection, motions to compel arbitration, and arbitral award enforcement.

Many of our partners have themselves served as arbitrators or mediators, which gives us additional insight into effective practice in this arena. We also regularly counsel clients on litigation avoidance and pre-litigation dispute resolution. Of course, in the instances where judicial proceedings cannot be avoided, our attorneys are well equipped to address the related proceedings. Our commitment to our clients is always to resolve a dispute efficiently with our clients’ best interests in mind.