Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

Our lawyers have a unique combination of legal and regulatory experience, plus deep industry knowledge, to advise clients navigating the rapidly expanding regulatory environment surrounding cryptoassets, blockchain and financial technology. Multiple law enforcement agencies and regulators around the world are developing specialized crypto units. Government scrutiny, investigations, and enforcement actions against crypto companies are all on the rise.  Private litigants have also begun testing and applying legal theories from securities and commodities law to the crypto environment. This unchartered territory brings great uncertainty and risk. Our lawyers are on the front lines of this emerging area, drawing on their backgrounds in securities law, financial crimes compliance, tax law, and government enforcement, to help get ahead of the issues. Among other things, we help clients understand and comply with state, federal and international regulations, engage with the appropriate regulators, and develop compliance programs that meet regulatory expectations.  We also help clients to resolve their litigation disputes, respond to subpoenas and information requests, anticipate regulatory changes, and develop strategies to protect their business and mitigate risk. We have regularly represented both individual and corporate clients in cryto investigations by the U.S. Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the New York State Attorney General, and other regulators.