Our partners are all experienced trial lawyers. Trial work requires courtroom confidence and negotiating prowess—we have both. Our presence in a case signals our client’s willingness to litigate a case aggressively all the way to trial. Our deep trial experience serves as the cornerstone on which our reputation is built. 11 of our 16 partners are former Assistant U.S. Attorneys; most not only tried cases but also were chiefs of their respective units, supervising trials. Most of our attorneys have also worked on trials while clerking for federal judges. We have a reputation for vigorous trial advocacy and credibility with judges, regulators, and law enforcement. We have litigated a wide variety of high-profile and complex civil disputes, drawing on our reputation and skills as trial attorneys to achieve the best results for our clients regardless of whether the case ultimately goes to trial. Our criminal law expertise makes us sensitive to the criminal and regulatory implications of highly sensitive civil matters, which we handle discreetly and expediently.

We represent a wide range of clients, including prominent financial institutions, public and private companies and their officers and directors, accounting firms, insurance companies, smaller organizations such as law firms, small businesses and partnerships, as well as individuals. We regularly handle matters in highly specialized areas, including securities, antitrust, employment discrimination, copyright, trademark, trade secret disputes, and RICO. We are renowned for our accomplishments litigating criminal and civil cases through trial at all levels of the federal and state courts, in arbitrations, and before government agencies, regulatory organizations, and other tribunals. More than a quarter of the firm’s partners are Fellows of the American College of Trial Lawyers, a prestigious organization that was created to recognize excellence in trial lawyers. Our expertise as trial lawyers, and the respect it has earned our firm, enables us to negotiate effectively with regulators, prosecutors, and adversaries on behalf of our clients.